Gold from the heart.
A symbol of one’s love,
a keepsake of a relished milestone,
a tangible memory of life’s wonderful moments.

Professionals for decades

Orient Jewellers is a Singapore-born goldsmith and jeweller of experience and heritage.
Established in 1970 we work primarily with gold, handpicked precious stones, jade and pearls to bring beautiful elegant designs to life. We are proud stewards of a centuries-old trade  and aim to propel it into the next century.
We are members of the Singapore Jewellers Association and the Diamond Exchange of Singapore.

Our Relationships

Relationships form the very heart of our business. We are a family business. Our customers are an extension of our wide and ever-growing family. We uphold ourselves to the honesty and discretion required in our trade and are honoured custodians of our customers’ life stories and treasured moments that are celebrated with a piece of jewellery.

Our Jewellery

The brand offers ready-made jewellery inspired by each occasion.

Our store offers a wide range of jewellery for men and women including men’s gold necklaces and rings, baby bracelets and anklets, and gold statuettes gifted during ceremonial occasions. One of our specialties is Si Dian Jin 四点金 , heirloom pieces for a bride who wishes for contemporary gold designs that retain their investment value for generations.

Our Service Offering
Customized Gold Jewellery / Collectibles
Corporate Gifts
Jewellery Design Services

Our modern bespoke arm Orient Atelier focuses on creating customized jewellery.

We specialize in designing personalized engagement or wedding jewellery, re-setting heirloom jewellery or even creating your very own design from scratch.

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