Customized Gold Items

In search for a gold piece that is special and one of a kind?

We provide customization services for jewellery or collectible items made in 24K (Pure), 916 and 18 Karat gold.
All our pieces are hand-crafted by our skilled master craftsmen. Customization time is approximately 8 weeks depending on the scope of work and time of the year. We also provide resetting and design services.

Please whatsapp or email us for queries and quotations.

Here’s a sampling of our work:

 Customized Smoking Pipe
Engraved with bamboo design and Chinese characters
Metal Type: 916 Gold

 Customized 招财进宝 Triplet Chinese Wine Cups
Metal Type: 916 Gold

Customized Family Gold Locket and Chain Set
Metal Type: 18 Karat Yellow Gold

Customized Elephant Deity Ring
Metal Type: 916 Gold

Customized 7 Star Customized Anklet
Metal Type: 916 Gold

Customized Anklet ZG9148 Final

Customized Signet Ring with Family Crest
Metal Type: 916 Gold

Customized Signet Ring Final

Prosperity Lantern
Metal Type: 916 Gold

Customized Gold Prosperity Lantern Final 2

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