Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Return Policy?
You may exchange your item for full-priced merchandise purchased in store with the original receipt within 7 days of purchase.  The exchange value must be equal or higher to the original value. If no item strikes your fancy you may request to place a deposit with us for a purchase on a later date.

The following items are not eligible for exchange:
– Bespoke / Customized jewellery
– Engraved jewellery
– Items purchased during a sale or promotion

Orient Goldsmiths & Jewellers Pte Ltd reserves the right to decline your item if the product is no longer in a proper condition as deemed by us.

How do I care for my jewellery?
Different jewellery requires different care. Read our full guide here.

Can I bring my jewellery in for servicing?
Of course, we would love to see you. Our opening hours are 11am to 9pm daily.

Do you provide repair services?
Yes. We have an in-house craftsman who can perform simple alteration and cleaning services. Please bring your jewellery to our store for a complete assessment.

Do you do trade-in services?
It depends on the type of jewellery. Please bring your jewellery to our store for a complete assessment.

For Gold:
We only accept trade-in for Pure Gold and 916 Gold on a willing buyer and seller basis. This means that we will repurchase the nett weight of gold sold by us accompanied by the sales receipt in exchange for new gold ornaments at 18% minimum less the prevailing retail rate. A further deduction of 10% minimum will be made if exchanged for cash.

For White Gold and other jewellery items:
We do not accept trade-in for white gold ornaments and jewellery items such as Diamonds, Precious Stones and Jade.

What is Si Dian Jin 四点金?
Gifting Si Dian Jin 四点金 is a Chinese tradition originating from the Teochew province. We offer many Si Dian Jin 四点金 sets for selection. Read more about it here.

Can I customize my own jewellery?
Yes. Please give us a call to make an appointment.

What is your company’s Data Protection Policy?
Please refer to the link here.