Orient Atelier

Heirloom Creations for a Lifetime

At Orient we believe in the deep emotional value of jewellery.
Orient Atelier is our bespoke arm aimed at creating heirloom pieces to mark milestones in your life.

We are deeply honoured to share these special moments with you.

Pictured: An inherited 2 carat pear diamond passed through 3 generations from grandmother and mother to daughter set into an elegant rose gold band of melee diamonds. The design was centred around the unforgettable diamond that the bride cherished dearly. 

The Bespoke Process

As jewellers we aim to create as much value in the process as possible. After understanding your initial requirements in a complimentary consultation session we set out to source for the perfect gem. Leveraging off our fifty years of experience in the jewellery trade we source gems directly from their source countries or major gem cutting centres in Asia, cutting out layers of middlemen commission. All gems sourced by Orient Atelier will come with a certificate from an independent and recognised gemological laboratory. We then work on the design with you and on the ultimate product with our experienced master craftsmen based in Singapore before presenting the final piece to you.

Pictured: A Ceylon Natural Sapphire 750K White Gold ring custom made by Orient Jewellers. We selected the sapphire for its beautiful dreamy blue hue and exquisite clarity. A gem that will undoubtedly be cherished and loved by its new family. 

Our Values

While we have a collection of gems available in store, Orient Atelier’s focus is to create a bespoke piece just for you. We source the gem only after we speak with you. This lightens our inventories allowing us to concentrate on what truly matters: serving you and creating jewellery that is uniquely yours and encapsulates your story.

We operate out of our family owned premises in the historically rich and charming suburb of Toa Payoh instead of the central shopping districts. This allows us considerable cost savings which are then passed onto you.

We are a family business which is reflected in our style – personable and friendly.

Orient Atelier is available by Appointment Only.

We are happy to answer your questions. Please email us.